“This sentence, instead of describing the object as a title might do, was designed to redirect the viewer towards other non-verbel regions.” Marcel Duchamp, 1961 In the case of Lisa Lyon I believe she is both the artist and the art object, locating her body building in the realm of performance art.  This interesting occupation […]

“Hard edges sharp chiaroscuro transform the body into sculpture, what [I] do is performance art”, Lisa Lyon, 1983. Even in an alternative expression of ideal feminine beauty, body builder Lisa Lyon elevates body building to a performance art, while continuing to suppress the female body to the confinement of the nude.  Performance art and the […]

No longer must the societal definitions of beauty be confined to the walls of museums.  Plastic surgery allows the nude form to break out of its institutional chronological hang.  It systematically eliminates a space where the female body is not subjugated to the representation of the nude form.  Is a female body ever truly naked […]

Art Ablaze In the fall of 1986 a group of postmodern Chinese artists called the Xiamen Dada put on an exhibition of their recent works, including paintings, sculptures, and found object pieces. At the end of the exhibition they collected sixty of their oil paintings, piled them up outside, and set them on fire. This […]

In a 1968 article, New York art critic Lucy Lippard and John Chandler prophesized “a profound dematerialization of art, especially of art as object, and if it continues to prevail, it may result in the object’s becoming wholly obsolete (…)”[1]. Evoking conceptual art, this quote was also aimed at performance art, which is not directed […]

Iggy Pop and Chris Burden were two male performance artists during the 1960s and 70s. These men embodied the male as a performer and successfully decontextualized male stereotypes, many of which they did while destroying their bodies. In his article Rock / Art. Martin Patrick explains the lengths these men went as performers, protestors, and iconoclasts. […]

I am going to discuss three female performance artists and several of their works that together form a cohesive theme on what it means to be female in a patriarchal society. In examining works by Marina Abramovic, Tracey Emin, and Yoko Ono, I will explore the way in which they relate to each other and form […]